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Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)

HEMA is the acronym of Historical European Martial Arts, and the generic name of said disciplines in English, the current lingua franca.

This name encompasses the combat techniques developed and practised in Europe for centuries (with fencing among them) but which, unlike many of their eastern counterparts, were forgotten due to the technological evolution of weapons and changes of social customs.

Within these combat “arts” there were techniques with swords, daggers, pole weapons, unarmed, wearing armor or just street clothes, etc. All of them together formed an extremely rich and diverse corpus, which spanned through different eras and the european geography.

For its development and reconstruction, a chief role is played by the investigation of the documents in which the ancient masters recorded their techniques (treatises, in existence from the Middle Ages to present) and their interpretation.

We are a school of Historical European Martial Arts. We focus our efforts in recuperating and spreading La Verdadera Destreza. Our group has been working for years towards teaching and advertising Historical Fencing with a method acknowledged in and outside Spain, based on La Verdadera Destreza School.